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  • Shower, shave and exfoliate prior to your tan. Your skin should be a "clean canvas" with all old airbrush tan already exfoliated off. Shaving the day before your tan is preferable so that your pores are closed. 

  • A light layer of water-based lotion on your skin is okay to use before your tan.  Less perfumes and deodorant on the skin before the tan is preferred. A water-based lotion will be provided by Lauren Ashley Sunless Spa to be used on dryer areas. 

  • Wear dark, loose clothing to allow the tan to dry correctly. A little smudging of the bronzer after your tan is normal and all bronzer will wash off with the first shower. 

  • If you sleep with your airbrush tan still developing: it is crucial to sleep in a long sleeve shirt and long pants that are loose fitting clothing after your tan. If you do not do this, you run the risk of too much smudging or having the tan absorb into your hands or other parts of your body incorrectly.  


  • After your airbrush tan, avoid showering, swimming or working out/perspiring for at least 10-12 hours. 

  • DO NOT wait 24 hours to shower after your Airbrush Tan. Wait around 10-12 hours for your first shower after your tan to avoid an overdeveloped tan.

  • Use a moisturizer recommended by the Airbrush Specialist. You should moisturize every single day following your Airbrush Tan in order to have it last longer. If you do not moisturize, your skin could get too dry and look scale-like. 

  • Do not put any oil or oil-based product on your skin after to your airbrush tan. This will strip the tan.

  • Your Airbrush Tan will last for a week or longer on your body. Your face, hands and feet will fade faster than the other parts of your body due to regular washing more in these areas. 

  • Prolong your tan with Tahitian Tan Extender (sold at Lauren Ashley Sunless Spa), especially with excessive water exposure. 

  • Excessive showers, shaving, washing of the face/hands, and sweating/working out, the faster the tan will fade.   


  • Elevated Beauty by Lauren Ashley uses Organic DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in all self-tanners and is approved by the FDA for use on the body.

  • There have been no reported side effects from DHA, however if you have had an allergic reaction to any self-tanner, abstain from airbrush tanning. 

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