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  What do I do before my Airbrush Tan?

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate the day prior to your tan. Your skin should be a "clean canvas" with all old airbrush tan already exfoliated off. Shaving the day before your tan is preferable so that your pores are closed. 

  • All other beauty appointments must be done before your airbrush tan such as hair, nails, and waxing. All waxing must be done at least 24 hours before your tan.

  • Do not have any deodorant, perfumes and lotion on at your appointment. A water-based lotion will be provided by Elevated Beauty at your appointment to be used on dryer areas of the body. 

  • Wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment to allow the tan to dry correctly.

  • Take all jewelry off before your appointment.

  • You may workout before your appointment, but you must shower off any sweat before airbrush tanning.


It is crucial to follow aftercare instructions in order for your custom airbrush tan to develop correctly, fade correctly and to last long. Your airbrush tan will last 6-10 days.

  • We suggest that you do not shower, attempt not to sweat, do not use lotion or apply any products to your skin, and do not have a pedicure/manicure while your tan is developing (before your first rinse).

  • Shower in the time period given to you by your Airbrush Tan Specialist after your tan. A Rapid Airbrush Tan will be on for 2-5.5 hours depending on what level tan is desired. A Regular Airbrush Tan will be on for 8-12 hours. Your Airbrush Tan Artist will give you a rinse time depending on your skin tone.

  • Bronzer will appear on the skin immediately after your airbrush tan. Do not attempt to wipe away, dab, blend or try to even out any buildup bronzer or visible “smudges” as it will wash off and completely even out after your first rinse.

  • If any color rubs off on clothing, it should wash out. Please wash clothing as soon as possible.

  • Skin touching skin (example: crossing your legs, bending your legs for a longer period of time) will darken the tan in those specific areas. Do not do this while your tan is developing as it will create dark marks that are not able to be fixed or blended.

  • If you sleep with your airbrush tan still developing: it is crucial to sleep in a dark colored, long sleeve shirt and long pants that are loose fitting clothing after your tan. If you do not do this, you run the risk of too much smudging or having the tan absorb into your hands or other parts of your body incorrectly.  

  • Once showered, it is recommended to apply lotion every day. Airbrush tanning can dry out the skin and the more hydrated the skin is, the slower and more even your tan will fade. if you do not apply lotion every day after your tan, your tan can dry out and look “scale-like.”

  • Exfoliating will remove the tan faster. Shaving is considered exfoliating.

  • The face, hands and feet tan will fade the fastest as these areas are washed more.

  • Our professional tanning products are recommended to build, accelerate and extend your airbrush tan. Products are sold at Elevated Beauty and Aesthetics

    Please Note: not following our prep and care instructions correctly may give you undesired results. It is crucial to follow all of our instructions prior and after your tan appointment.


  • Elevated Beauty by Lauren Ashley uses Organic DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in all self-tanners and is approved by the FDA for use on the body.

  • There have been no reported side effects from DHA, however if you have had an allergic reaction to any self-tanner, abstain from airbrush tanning. 

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